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Laura Nelson

LMT, RYT, CCST, Lead Health Transformation Coach and Program Coordinator



Professional bio

Laura Nelson graduated from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA with a degree in Environmental Science. She is a Yoga Instructor, completing her certification from Healing Arts Yoga in Fredericksburg. Laura attended the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle, WA and through her decade-long practice also became certified in Craniosacral Therapy. Laura is also a certified Health and Wellness Coach, completing her requirements at Vera University in Seattle. She has a thriving massage practice and is currently the Lead Health Transformation Coach at Naturkur Wellness Center in Seattle, WA. Laura considers herself a life-time researcher in happy, healthy, fun living. In her free time she loves doing yoga, hiking and backpacking, swimming, playing music, writing for her health blog and experimenting with new delicious dessert recipes. Laura’s partner, Josh (a stage 4 cancer survivor) and she are attempting to hike all of the Pacific Crest Trail through Washington state a little bit at a time. She is proud to eat chocolate every day without guilt and thrive in an active, healthy, balanced lifestyle.


My Story

I grew up in a strange little town in east Tennessee, near the Great Smoky Mountains, spending a lot of time hiking through the Appalachian Mountains and dreaming about bigger skies. After graduating from college with a degree in environmental science, I realized that what drew me to learn about the environment was actually my passion for systems, ecosystems, and the patterns of interconnectedness in our bodies, minds, and our environments. But I wanted to dive deeper into the

human experience- why do we have pain, how do we get stronger, more balanced, more happy? I also had a great curiosity about my place in the world and this led me to become a Yoga instructor. After some traveling, I ended up in Seattle, struggling through an unhappy relationship and dealing with a low-level eating disorder that seemed to take up a lot of time and emotional energy. I was obsessed with keeping a certain number on the scale, couldn’t relate what I saw in the mirror with how I felt, and had developed unhealthy eating patterns, becoming numb to, or completely ignoring my body’s hunger cues. My underlying desire to find a path to my own healing led me to massage therapy. Through a year of deep learning, healing, and transformation, I finally started to feel like I was in the right place. My own struggles have helped me tap into what makes healing possible and have a greater impact on my clients.

How I became a health coach

After 10 years as a bodyworker, my passion for stress management and healthy lifestyle drew me to seek more ways in which I could help transform people’s lives. It was painful to watch my clients struggling and stuck in their own patterns, many of them self created and self-defeating. I saw them stressed-out, in physical and emotional pain, and unable to remove the obstacles that keep them there. At the same time I was burnt out in my work, feeling stressed, and in physical pain as well. I realized the healing work I was doing was at the expense of my own health. My body hurt, I felt fatigued, drained, and overworked. I also doubted what steps I could take next… could I really change my career? Start something totally new? The doubts and fears I was having about my ability to successfully shift the direction of my life led me to seek the help of a health coach. My work with a coach encouraged me to trust my instincts instead of always questioning myself. I found that the partnership and trust I had with a coach bolstered my self-confidence and helped me to realize how much I already knew about myself. I was able to focus on taking care of myself- body and mind, find joy and ease in everyday life, and even trained to run a half marathon! The coach never told me what to do, but encouraged my own wisdom to shine through. I was amazed at the transformative power of shifting the way I thought about my lifefrom fear to radical self acceptance and self-loyalty. This was a profound shift and now is the foundational experience I draw from to help coach my own clients. I am amazed at the transformational impact coaching has on people’s’ lives. Coaching can move someone from self-defeat to empowerment, showing new ways of coping with stuck patterns, and reveals strengths and desires they didn’t even know they had. I’m so excited to be a part of the Naturkur team. I light up when I can help others learn about what’s holding them back from becoming the person they want to be, and discovering new ways to thrive and succeed in life. My own path to healing after struggles with disordered eating and poor body image makes me deeply familiar with the emotional side of food and negative health behavior patterns. I have a passion for discovering ways to become friends with food, making food your ally instead of your enemy, and creating new mental and emotional perspectives on how easy making healthy lifestyle choices can be.



Samantha Noonan

Health Transformation Coach



Professional bio

Samantha Noonan graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Developmental Psychology. She trained in surface and fabric design which furthered her career as an artist. She received her certification from Naturkur Wellness Center as a Health Transformation Coach and has been guiding patients to better health ever since. Samantha enjoys painting and spending time with her husband, two daughters, and her dog Ralph.


My story

I am originally from the Bay Area and moved to Seattle several years ago to start a new life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and two daughters. I am very excited about my job at NaturKur Wellness as a Health Transformation Coach because of my personal journey. My own experience with hormone health and weight gain was a confusing, expensive, and frustrating experience that I find enables me to better understand our patients and seek ways to help them. Over the past several years I have also watched friends and family struggle with health issues as well, and not get the help they needed.

Because of this, I became a medical advocate. How I became a health coach I spent the last few years as a caregiver and advocate for family members with many health issues. In doing so, I have had the opportunity to interact with surgeons, cardiologists, internal medicine specialists, and physical therapists and came to the conclusion that many ailments can be avoided. The body is a remarkable, resilient entity that with good preventative care can improve quickly and efficiently. I feel as though so many patients fall through the cracks of our healthcare system and the outcomes are sad to see. It is with great enthusiasm that I have joined a team of passionate people who are promoting health and helping people regain the ability to stay healthy and feel better. I am energized by my work and excited to reach as many people that I can with these healthcare solutions that can improve lives and get patients back into wellness. I always enjoy meeting new people and- supporting patients and I look forward to meeting and hopefully working with you in the future!


Randi Carter

Wellness Director


Professional bio

Randi Carter is a Bastyr trained Curative Nutrition Master, biohacker, and Wellness Director at NaturKur Wellness Center in Seattle, WA. Randi is a visionary and entrepreneur passionate about improving peoples’ lives. As a natural foods chef, her 25 years of expertise have been focused on elimination diets and detoxification. She led thousands of people toward better health with her companies, Delicious Planet and Detox Pop-Up and continues to serve her tribe by teaming up with Naturkur.



I have been passionate about food and nurturing people back to health since the mid 80s I was called to study alternative medicine and nutrition early on when my mother was diagnosed at 37 yo with stage 4 terminal breast cancer. She opted out of the recommended chemotherapy, left the country for alternative treatments that were not legal in the U.S. and survived another healthy 8 years. Part of her longevity was that she began to avoid any processed food and was under the care of holistic practitioners. Her mother, and my grandmother, was also diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37. After a radical mastectomy, she was fine and lived well into her 80s. The writing was on the wall for me. My family history was always lingering in the background and well meaning friends and family spoke to me often about doing self exams and getting checked every year. I also had my own miraculous experience with natural medicine when I went on an elimination diet after a lifetime of ear/nose/throat ailments, surgeries, antibiotics, etc. 3 weeks of being gluten & dairy free and I didn’t even recognize myself or my life anymore. I thought it was normal to be inflamed and lethargic all the time and that my many prescriptions were required to keep me well. I was working at an HMO at the time and had great health benefits for seeing most of the specialists in our health center who could never actually help me, except with more prescriptions. Allergists, surgeons, family doctors…..these medical professionals never suggested a diet connection and they never spoke of “getting to the root cause”. My passion for educating others was ignited and it seemed that everyone around me was needlessly suffering in some way from eating the wrong foods for their body type.

How I became an expert

I have spent the last 25 years in education and cooking medicinally for clients that want to regain their health, eliminate symptoms, prevent disease, feel great and look fantastic. After studying Nutrition at Bastyr University I also learned to cook the tastiest food for prescribed diets. Who knew that food could be so be such a delight? My mother cooked typical American dinners, but we ate steamed vegetables with nothing on it each night...gagging it down because those were the rules at our house. Veggies are “good for you so just get em down the hatch”. Bastyr taught me unique skills that no culinary program could offer. The science behind eating organic, sprouting, fermenting, treating food so that you don’t demolish all of the nutrients and medicinal properties...and how to make it sooo delicious, even without the usual ingredients that we are all so used to having. We learned about all of the diets/food philosophies - ayurvedic, macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarian, elimination diets, ketosis diets, fasting and detox. I was first a personal chef service and then eventually leased a commercial kitchen and my Delicious Planet meal delivery thrived for 15 years. My next business popped up 3 times a year to provide and deliver an elimination diet/detox meal delivery service. My entrepreneurial background and passion for optimal health made for a natural transition to NaturKur Wellness Center. There is nothing more important than feeling good everyday so that you can live life on your own terms. I offer free consultations for those wanting to get to the root of their most frustrating health issue providing an opportunity to discover and recreate your best self.


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